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Michigan State University

Health Data & Statistics Research Guide: People of Color

General Resources

This page contains some specific sources for data and statistics on people of color, but many of the general data sources in the rest of this guide also break down their data based on race and ethnicity. The general resources tend to be more up-to-date than the ones listed here.

People of Color

Boston University Center for Anti-racist Research

         COVID Racial Data Tracker (until March 7, 2021)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Basic statistics from CDC publications, links to more data and related resources.

Health of American Indian or Alaskan Native Population

Health of Asian or Pacific Islander Population

Health of Black or African American Population

Health of Hispanic or Latino Population

Health of Mexican American Population

Indian Health Service

Division of Program Statistics
Provides American Indian/Alaska Native demographic and patient care information.  Mainly provides reports with statistical tables and charts discussing health trends and regional differences.

Office of Minority Health

Data and Evaluation
Statistics are accessible by minority group or health topic.  Links to relevants reports from the Department of Health and Human Services, such as the National Healthcare Disparities Report.

Inter-University Consortium on Political and Social Research

Resource Center for Minority Data
Access to data sets for secondary analysis, some with options for online analysis.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Racial Equity and Health Policy
Collection of reports and fact sheets, many with statistical information and with a focus on policy and health care coverage.