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Peninsular Spanish Literature: A Guide to Selected Resources: Literary Criticism

A selection of resources compiled for the MSU community, including databases restricted to authorized MSU users and print resources.

Criticism in Books

Criticism of national or regional literatures, or of the works of certain classes of authors or of particular literary movements, genres or historical periods is found using combinations of terms searched as keywords and/or by LC Subject searches in the MSU Catalog.

Keyword (Word) searching is a good way to begin the process of identifying sources. Viewing individual records retrieved through keyword searching is in turn a good way to identify useful LC subject terms. An LC Subject search of the term "Spanish drama," for example, leads to an index screen which breaks down the 800 item retrieval set by subject subdivisions, eg., Spanish drama--History and Criticism; Spanish drama--17th Century; Spanish drama--Collections. In this way, more focused retrieval sets are identified.

Monograph length works on individual authors can be found in the catalog by searching the author's name as an LC Subject search. The subdivision "Criticism and interpretation" is added for general criticism of a given author.

To find monograph length treatments of a specific work, search the title of the work as an LC Subject search. The Imagery of the Libro de buen amor is found through an LC Subject search on "Libro de buen amor." The same search will also retrieve bibliographies and concordances of individual works.

What constitutes "common knowledge" and when must I cite a source?

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