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Selected Resources for Latin American History: Digital Image Collections

Just Cuba

Chairman Smiles: Cuban Posters

Cuban Photograph Collections (Cuban Heritage Collections, University of Miami)

Cuban Postcard Collection (Cuban Heritage Collections, University of Miami)

Deena Stryker Photographs, Cuba 1963-1964 and undated (Duke University)

Manuel R. Bustamante Photograph Collection (Cuban Heritage Collections, University of Miami)

Just Mexico

Mexican Revolution, ca-1910-1917

Postcards of locations and events related to US military involvement in the Mexican Revolution.

A Nation Emerges: 65 Years of Photography in Mexico

Punitive Expedition into Mexico Pictorial Collection

Photographs related to the punitive expedition led by General Pershing into Mexico in 1916.

Argentina's Television & Radio Broadcast Archive

Archivo Histórico RTA

Archivo Histórico de los Servicios de Radiodifusión Sonora y Televisiva del Estado Nacional (RTA)


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