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Medieval West - Reference Sources: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries - Science

This is a guide to reference sources on the medieval West: guides to the literature, periodical indexes, encyclopedias/dictionaries, atlases/maps, biography, book length bibliographies.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries - Science

Medieval Science, Technology, and Medicine: an Encyclopedia Main Q 124.97 .M43 2005

Sebastian, Dictionary of the History of Medicine, Main R 121 .S398 1999. Short biographical and topical entries with no bibliographies.

McGrew, Encyclopedia of Medical History, Main, R 133 .M34 1985.

Dictionnaire Raisonne de l'Alchimie et des Alchimistes Main QD 23.5 .M66 2010

Chronology of Medicine and Related Sciences, Main, R 133 .M717 1997. See pp. 9-15.

Grant, Foundations of Modern Science in the Middle Ages..., Main, Q 124.97 .G68 1996.

Sarton, Introduction to the History of Science, Main, Z 125 .S32 v. 1-3. A significant author in the history of science field. A text, for reading up on topics. See esp. v. 2 part 1 and vol. 3 parts 1 and 2.

Duhem, Medieval Cosmology, Theories of Infinity, Place, Time, Void, and the Plurality of Worlds, Main, BD 512 .D813 1985. A new edition of one of the earliest works on history of science.

Lindberg, Beginnings of Western Science, the European Scientific Tradition in Philosophical, Religious, and Institutional Context, 600 B.C. to A.D. 1450, Main, Q 124.95 .L55 1992.

Kibre, Studies in Medieval Science, Alchemy, Astrology, Mathematics, and Medicine, Main, Q 124.97 .K53 1984.

Hurd-Mead, History of Women in Medicine, from the Earliest Times to the Beginnings of the Nineteenth Century, Main, R 133 .M35 v. 1. A text, for reading up. See esp. chapters 2-7.

Reader's Guide to the History of Science.  Ed. by Arne Hessenbruch.  Main Q 125 .R335 2000

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