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Medieval West - Reference Sources: Book Length Bibliographies

This is a guide to reference sources on the medieval West: guides to the literature, periodical indexes, encyclopedias/dictionaries, atlases/maps, biography, book length bibliographies. Last updated 06-13-2023

Book Length Bibliographies - General and History

Bibliographies list, and sometimes describe, good books and articles to read on a topic. However, note the date of publication. No materials written after the date of publication can possibly be included. Use the indexes and annual bibliographies, above, to find material written more recently.

Atiya, Crusade, Historiography and Bibliography, Main, Z 6207.C97 A8

Bak, Medieval Narrative Sources, a Chronological Guide, Main, D 113 .B3 1987

Bibliographie de l'Histoire Medievale en France (1965-1990), Main, DC 33.2 .H56 1992

Bibliography of English History to 1485, Main, Z 2017 .B5

Corpus Christianorum. Continuatio Mediaevalis, Remote Storage BR 60 .C493. The medieval continuation of a series which provides definitive texts of Christian authors. Either use Books and Media and search under the series name here and scroll or search by the author's name whose work you seek.

Davidson, Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, a Research Guide, Main, BV 5067 .D38 1993

Ferguson, Europe in Transition, a Select, Annotated Bibliography of the Twelfth-Century Renaissance, Remote Storage D 201.8 .F4 1989

Farrar, Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources, Main, Z 6517 .F3 and supplement, Main Z 6517 .F47

Friedman, Medieval Iconography, a Research Guide, Remote Storage NX 449 .F75 1998. More resources in Fine Arts Library

Murphy, Medieval Rhetoric, a Select Bibliography, Main, Z 7004 .R5 M87 1989. Bibliographic references on writing and speaking in the early and high Middle Ages, letter writing, poetics and grammar, sermon theory, university disputation and scholastic method, various sources, and the Renaissance. Includes also a basic library for study of medieval rhetoric.

Boyle, Medieval Latin Paleography, a Bibliographical Introduction, Remote Storage Z 106 .B69 1984.

Henderson, Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages, Remote Storage D 113 .H49. Major documents, such as Rule of St. Benedict.

Cole, History of Women in Germany from Medieval Times to the Present, Bibliography of English-Languages Publications, Main HQ 1623 .C64 1990

Index to Women's Studies Anthologies, Research Across the Disciplines Remote Storage HQ 1180 .B76 1996. Author, editor, subject, and keyword indexes to anthologies in women's studies, works with chapters by various individuals.

Kohl, Renaissance Humanism, 1300-1550, a Bibliography of Materials in English, Main, Z 7128 .H9 K64 1985

Medieval Women Writers, Main, PN 667 .M43 1984

Potthast, Bibliotheca Historical Medii Aevi, Remote Storage Z 6203 .P87. A late 19th c. attempt to provide a comprehensive bibliography on medieval history. Updated by Toronto Medieval Bibliographies, see below.

Ricci, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada, Special Collections folio XX Z 6620 .U5 R5 and Suppl. Link is to v. 1, 1935.  Link to v. 2.  Link to v. 3. 

Rouse, Serial Bibliographies for Medieval Studies, Remote Storage Z 6203 .R66

Rosenthal, Anglo-Saxon History, an Annotated Bibliography, Main, Z 2017 .R67 1985

Altschul, Anglo-Norman England, 1066-1154, Main, Z 2017 .A43. Unannotated. Points to books and articles on history of the period; other useful reference sources and bibliographies; constitutional/administrative history; political history; relations with nearby countries, social, economic, agricultural, military/naval, religious, and intellectual history; science/technology; history of the arts.

Wilkinson, High Middle Ages in England, 1154-1377, Remote Storage Z 2017 .W54

Rosenthal, Late Medieval England, 1377-1485, a Bibliography of Historical Scholarship 1975-1989, Main, DA 425 .R67 2003. Points to books and articles on general history of the period; other reference works and bibliographies; edited volumes; collected papers; political, diplomatic, military, constitutional, social, economic, urban, rural, agrarian, manorial, religious, and intellectual history; fine arts and crafts; medicine, science, and technology.

Sheehan, Domestic Society in Medieval Europe, a Select Bibliography, Main, HQ 572 .S34 1990

Salisbury, Medieval Sexuality, a Research Guide, Main, HQ 14 .S3 1990.

Williams, Index of Mediaeval Studies Published in Festschriften, 1865-1946, with Special Reference to Romanic Material, Remote Storage Z 6203 .W5

Women in Western European History, a Select Chronological, Geographical, and Topical Bibliography from Antiquity to the French Revolution, Remote Storage HQ 1587 .F7 1982b

Women of England from Anglo-Saxon Times to the Present, Interpretive Bibliographic Essays, Main HQ 1599 .E5 W65 c. 2

Crosby, Medieval Warfare, a Bibliographical Guide, Main, U 37 .C7 2000.

DeVries, Cumulative Bibliography of Medieval Military History and Technology, Remote Storage U 37 .D42 2002 and 2005 update.

Book Length Bibliographies - Literature

Fisher, Medieval Literature of Western Europe: a Review of Research, Mainly 1930-1960, Remote Storage PN 671 .F5. Surveys of research from c. 1930-c. 1964 on medieval Latin, Old English, Middle English (to 1400), French, German, Old Norse, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Celtic literatures. Chapters examine bibliographical and reference works; background, language, and general studies; literary histories; and research on major forms, authors, and works. Indexed by scholars and authors. Update this with the next title on list, Cooke, ed, below.

Cooke, ed. Present State of Scholarship in 14th-Century Literature, Remote Storage PN 681 .P73. Published in 1982. See essay by John H. Fisher on English literature, pp. 1-54 which surveys research tools and bibliographies, anthologies and translations, facsimiles, thematic studies, language, major authors, works, and genres, and concludes with a selective, classified bibliography of 386 books published since the early 1960s. Update Cooke and Fisher by using the Year's Work in English Studies, Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, and MLA International Bibliography, described in the ANNUAL BIBLIOGRAPHIES AND INDEXES TO ARTICLES section of this guide.

Manual of Writings in Middle English, 1050-1500, Main PR 255 .S4 v. 1-8. Volumes cover 1) Romances; 2) Pearl Poet, Wyclif and his Followers, Translations and Paraphrases of the Bible, and Commentaries, Saints' Legends, Instructions for Religious; 3) Dialogues, Debates, and Catechisms, Thomas Hoccleve, Malory and Caxton, 4) Middle Scots Writers, Chaucerian Apocrypha; 5) Dramatic Pieces (miracle, mystery, morality, and folk plays), Poems Dealing with Contemporary Conditions; 6) Carols, Ballads, John Lydgate; 7) John Gower, Piers Plowman, Travel and Geographical Writings; Works of Religious and Philosophical Instruction; 8) Chronicles and Other Historical Writings. This work is a survey of scholarship and bibliography. Each chapter (and sometimes sections thereof) has two parts: 1) the commentary, which for each work discusses content, manuscripts, date, dialect, source, and form, and summarizes scholarship and critical trends; and 2) a classified bibliography, with sections for manuscripts, editions, textual matters, language, versification, date, authorship, sources, literary criticism, and bibliography. Many entries have brief annotations. Indexed by authors, titles, early printers, subjects. This is an indispensable starting point for most research in Middle English literature.

New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, Remote Storage PR 83 .Z8 C3 1969. Main Same call number 1999 ed. Treats hundreds of major and minor figures with listings of both primary and secondary sources. Includes references on travel, sports, education, etc. as well as literature. Previous edition still also useful occasionally. V. 1 covers 600-1660. Published in the 1970s.

Greenfield and Robinson, Bibliography of Publications on Old English Literature to the End of 1972, Remote Storage Z 2012 .G83 1980. Fairly exhaustive bibliography of books, editions, articles, notes, reviews published from 15th c. to end of 1972 on Old English literature. Use MLA Bibliography to update, or Anglo-Saxon England, a journal in Main at DA 152 .A5.

Leyerle and Quick, Chaucer, a Bibliographical Introduction, Remote Storage PR 1852 .A2 L49 1986. Three sections: materials for the study of Chaucer's works, materials on the works themselves, and background works on the world of Chaucer, in fine arts, economy, society, politics, education, religion, philosophy, thought, science, and literature.

Bromwich, Medieval Celtic Literature, a Select Bibliography, Remote Storage Z 7011 .B76. A guide to the native literary tradition of Ireland and Wales from earliest times to circa 1450. Excludes historical source material, such as annals. Most works described are in English. References to bibliographies, catalogs of manuscripts, the study of Irish and Welsh languages, literary history and critical works, Celtic mythology, texts, and translations.

Taylor, Litterature Occitane du Moyen Age, Bibliographie Selective et Critique, Main Z 7033 .P8 T38. In French. A guide to the medieval literature of Provence and the South of France. Describes bibliographies; revues; collections; anthologies; other reference works; studies on the history of Occitane literature, its origins, and particulars; studies on individual poets and troubadours; non-poetic, narrative, dramatic, and didactic literature; translations; works on related literatures of the time period.

Critical Bibliography of French Literature, Main Z 2171 .C3. V. 1 covers the medieval period. V. 2 covers the 16th century. Older source.

Old-Norse-Icelandic Literature, a Critical Guide, Remote Storage PT 7103 .I7 v. 45. Chapters by different authors on mythology and mythography, Eddic poetry, Skaldic poetry, Kings' sagas, Icelandic family sagas, and Norse romance.

Book Length Bibliographies - Philosophy

Ashworth, Tradition of Medieval Logic and Speculative Grammar from Anselm to the End of the Seventeenth Century, a Bibliography, Remote Storage Z 7128 .L7 A85. A bibliography of 879 secondary works (books, articles, lengthy book reviews, a few dissertations) and of modern editions of texts concerned with formal logic from the medieval period. Four indexes: by names, texts, translations, subjects.

Philosopher's Index and Philosopher's Index, a Retrospective Index to Non-U.S. English Language Publications from 1940, Consulting Reference, Z 7127 .P475. The first covers articles published in journals in American philosophy journals from 1940-1966 and original philosophy books (not new editions or reprints) published in the U.S. from 1940-1976. The second is similar but covers books and journal literature published outside the U.S., but written in the English language.

Gilson, History of Christian Philosophy in the Middle Ages, Main, B 721 .G48. A basic text for medieval philosophy, with pp. 552-804 containing notes sufficiently annotated and complete as to be a standard bibliographical source for the period.

Varet, Manuel de Bibliographie Philosophique, Remote Storage Z 7125 .V3 v. 1-2. Selective bibliography, ranging over the entire field. Has been characterized as close to being the only bibliographical survey of the entire history of ideas, alluding to the pervasive inclusion of literature on theology, history of science, and history and criticism of the arts. V. 1 covers the history of philosophy more or less chronologically through Kant. v. 2 deals with major areas of philosophical thought. 20-25,000 entries. Headings and notes in French.

Book Length Bibliographies - Religion

Berkhout and Russell, Medieval Heresies, a Bibliography, 1960-1979, Main, Z 7777 .B47. Lists works in which the subject of heresy is prominent. Entries only for that part of Europe where Latin was the usual language of learning in the medieval period. Covers 8th-15th centuries. Covers only popular, social heresies, as opposed to intellectual and doctrinal disputes. Organized chronologically. No annotations. Three indexes: author, subject, and manuscript.

Constable, Medieval Monasticism, a Select Bibliography, Main, Z 7839 .C8. " provide a guide to the secondary literature on Christian monasticism from its origins to the end of the Middle Ages ... principal European languages." "Some preference to works in English...." References to works on cartularies; works and journals on Benedictines, Cistercians, and Premonstratensians; series; monastic history by period; special topics in monastic history: canons, hermits and recluses, women in religious life; monastic history in the British Isles, France, Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Low Countries, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland; terminology in monasticism, types of monastic institutions, sites and names of monasteries, numbers and social origins of monks; monastic government; relations with outside authorities; economy of monasticism; rules and customs; status of monks; life and activities of monastics, covering language, diet, liturgy, pastoral work, charitable work schools, libraries, medicine art and architecture; monastic ideals and spirituality. One of the Toronto Medieval Bibliographies.

Chadwick, History of the Church, a Select Bibliography, Main, Z 7777 .C485 1973. See the pages of the medieval church, pp. 11-18.

Case, Bibliographical Guide to the History of Christianity, Remote Storage Z 7777 .C33. See chapter IV, Christianity in Western Continental Europe to 1517, pp. 57-90. Possibly also pp. 118-144, on British Isles Christianity.

Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery, a Guide to Interpretation, Remote Storage PA 8030 .C47 K3 1988. In-depth. For scholars with some Latin and other Western European languages. Sources helpful to scholars trying to interpret the imagery of medieval literature which is full of allusions to certain large bodies of Christian learning, the Vulgate Bible, its commentaries, the liturgy, hymns and sequences, sermons and homilies, pictorial arts, mythography, commentaries of major medieval authors, various encyclopedias. For use in theme hunting or tradition hunting, the study of motifs which formed part of the cultural repertory of the medieval writer and his audience. Indexed by subject/medieval author, modern author/editor/translator, manuscript, and modern translation. One of the Toronto Medieval Bibliographies.

Bibliography of Christian Worship, Main, BV 176 .B5 1989.

Pfaff, Medieval Latin Liturgy, a Select Bibliography, Remote Storage Z 7813 .P42. Bibliography of some 1,000 items, with brief annotations, aiming to cover the most important source-editions of and literature concerning the medieval Latin liturgy, published through 1977.

Lagorio and Bradley, Fourteenth-Century English Mystics, a Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography, Main, Z 7819 .L33. Citations to general background information and on the English mystics; to works on the five major figures Richard Rolle, the Cloud author, Walter Hinton, Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe; to secondary, lesser known mystical writings many of which are Middle English translations of Latin works from England and the Continent; and to works assessing the post-Reformation tradition of medieval English spirituality.

Bowman, Western Mysticism, a Guide to the Basic Works, Main, Z 7819 .B68. See esp. pp. 35-46.

Dubois, Sources et Methodes de l'Hagiographie Medievale, Remote Storage BX 4662 .D83 S6 1993. In French. Chapters on history and method of writing saints' lives; on sufferings, lives and miracles of saints; on liturgical cult of saints, on martyrologies; on calendars of observing the saints; on elements of lives of saints; on places associated with saints; on saints in art; on relics and reliquaries; and on pilgrimages provide information and further reading.

Book Length Bibliographies - Science

Morton's Medical Bibliography, an Annotated Check-list of Texts Illustrating the History of Medicine, Remote Storage R 131 .M67 1991. See pp. 1001-1002, 790-793, as well as the chapters on medicine in various countries. See too the chapters on the histories of the various medical specialties; works in these sections are arranged by time period in which they were originally written or are about. Life dates of authors are given. Annotated. Covers primarily books.

Bibliography of the History of Medicine, Remote Storage Z 6658 .U525. We have print volumes, 1969-1993. Published by NLM, the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Separate section for collective and individual biographies. The former arranged by historical period (see 500-1450 A.D.); the latter arranged by biographical subject. List of diseases indexed. Also a subject index. See most any subject and look within it for the medieval period 500-1450. Indexes both books and articles. No annotations. Author index in back.

Thornton's Medical Books, Libraries and Collectors, a Study of Bibliography and the Book Trade in Relation to the Medical Sciences, Remote Storage Z 286 .M4 T47 1990. See esp. pp. 1-42 which discuss the literature of medicine prior to invention of machine printing and medical incunabula (medical books printed in the early days of machine printing, prior to 1500), and pp. 345-349 in the bibliography.

Morton and Moore, Bibliography of Medical and Biomedical Biography, Remote Storage R 134 .M67 1994. Alphabetical arrangement of famous medical personages, with life dates and one line biographies. Underneath find one or more bibliographical references to work(s) on the individual. Also contains a short list of collective biographies and 15 pp. bibliography of books on the history of medicine and related subjects.

Current Work in the History of Medicine, Remote Storage R 131 .A1 C8. Covers 1961-1991.

Chaff, et. al. Women in Medicine, a Bibliography on the Literature on Women Physicians, Main, Z 7963 .M43 W65 v. 1. See subject index under Middle Ages, p. 1038 as well as other topics.

History of Mathematics from Antiquity to the Present, a Selective Annotated Bibliography, Digital/Media, 4th floor West, QA 21 .D38 2000. 1985 edition in Remote Storage QA 21 .D38 1985.