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Medieval West - Reference Sources: Guides to the Literature - Women

This is a guide to reference sources on the medieval West: guides to the literature, periodical indexes, encyclopedias/dictionaries, atlases/maps, biography, book length bibliographies. Last updated 06-13-2023

Guides to the Literature - Women

Medieval Women and the Sources of Medieval History, Main, HQ 1143 .M44 1990. Bibliographic essay format, with chapters by specialists on some very specialized and not so specialized topics, such as: sexual equality in canon law, German source collections in Salzburg, men and women in monasticism, sources on towns in northern Italy, the medieval literature of obstetrics and gynecology, English medieval women and legal history, saints' lives, old Norse sources on women, coinage and women, sources about women in Mediterranean archives, women's history from Anglo-Saxon sources, and women's history from hostile sources (Beguines). Bibliographies conclude chapters.