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Medieval West - Reference Sources: Book Length Bibliographies - Religion

This is a guide to reference sources on the medieval West: guides to the literature, periodical indexes, encyclopedias/dictionaries, atlases/maps, biography, book length bibliographies. Last updated 06-13-2023

Book Length Bibliographies - Religion

Berkhout and Russell, Medieval Heresies, a Bibliography, 1960-1979, Main, Z 7777 .B47. Lists works in which the subject of heresy is prominent. Entries only for that part of Europe where Latin was the usual language of learning in the medieval period. Covers 8th-15th centuries. Covers only popular, social heresies, as opposed to intellectual and doctrinal disputes. Organized chronologically. No annotations. Three indexes: author, subject, and manuscript.

Constable, Medieval Monasticism, a Select Bibliography, Main, Z 7839 .C8. " provide a guide to the secondary literature on Christian monasticism from its origins to the end of the Middle Ages ... principal European languages." "Some preference to works in English...." References to works on cartularies; works and journals on Benedictines, Cistercians, and Premonstratensians; series; monastic history by period; special topics in monastic history: canons, hermits and recluses, women in religious life; monastic history in the British Isles, France, Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Low Countries, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland; terminology in monasticism, types of monastic institutions, sites and names of monasteries, numbers and social origins of monks; monastic government; relations with outside authorities; economy of monasticism; rules and customs; status of monks; life and activities of monastics, covering language, diet, liturgy, pastoral work, charitable work schools, libraries, medicine art and architecture; monastic ideals and spirituality. One of the Toronto Medieval Bibliographies.

Chadwick, History of the Church, a Select Bibliography, Main, Z 7777 .C485 1973. See the pages of the medieval church, pp. 11-18.

Case, Bibliographical Guide to the History of Christianity, Main, Z 7777 .C33. See chapter IV, Christianity in Western Continental Europe to 1517, pp. 57-90. Possibly also pp. 118-144, on British Isles Christianity.

Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery, a Guide to Interpretation, Main, PA 8030 .C47 K3 1988. In-depth. For scholars with some Latin and other Western European languages. Sources helpful to scholars trying to interpret the imagery of medieval literature which is full of allusions to certain large bodies of Christian learning, the Vulgate Bible, its commentaries, the liturgy, hymns and sequences, sermons and homilies, pictorial arts, mythography, commentaries of major medieval authors, various encyclopedias. For use in theme hunting or tradition hunting, the study of motifs which formed part of the cultural repertory of the medieval writer and his audience. Indexed by subject/medieval author, modern author/editor/translator, manuscript, and modern translation. One of the Toronto Medieval Bibliographies.

Bibliography of Christian Worship, Main, BV 176 .B5 1989.

Pfaff, Medieval Latin Liturgy, a Select Bibliography, Main, Z 7813 .P42. Bibliography of some 1,000 items, with brief annotations, aiming to cover the most important source-editions of and literature concerning the medieval Latin liturgy, published through 1977.

Lagorio and Bradley, Fourteenth-Century English Mystics, a Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography, Main, Z 7819 .L33. Citations to general background information and on the English mystics; to works on the five major figures Richard Rolle, the Cloud author, Walter Hinton, Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe; to secondary, lesser known mystical writings many of which are Middle English translations of Latin works from England and the Continent; and to works assessing the post-Reformation tradition of medieval English spirituality.

Bowman, Western Mysticism, a Guide to the Basic Works, Main, Z 7819 .B68. See esp. pp. 35-46.

Dubois, Sources et Methodes de l'Hagiographie Medievale, Main, BX 4662 .D83 S6 1993. In French. Chapters on history and method of writing saints' lives; on sufferings, lives and miracles of saints; on liturgical cult of saints, on martyrologies; on calendars of observing the saints; on elements of lives of saints; on places associated with saints; on saints in art; on relics and reliquaries; and on pilgrimages provide information and further reading.

Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History  Main BP 172 .C4196 2009 v. 1-4,6,8  Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History, for the online versions.  These volumes go chronologically by date.  Volumes 1-4 cover the medieval period. The volumes contain a combination of secondary history writing on topics, but also dictionary type entries about particular texts along with bibliographical references to writings about them. These are long, dense books.  The online versions take a long time to actually load up on your computer to see the full texts. So we have bought some of the volumes in paper.