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Michigan State University

Stable Links for Electronic Resources

This is a how-to guide for creating permanent, stable links to MSU-owned full-text articles from online journals, e-books, and streaming video or other media.

Creating Stable Links Using A DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Stable links can often be created using DOIs (digital object identifiers). Using a DOI to create a stable link might be especially useful when accessing a journal through a vendor/publisher NOT listed in this guide.

To create a stable link using a DOI, you must first locate an item's DOI - this is usually listed in the article citation (see example below). You may also find DOIs listed here:

To create the stable link, use "" and then add the rest of the DOI for your article to the end of the URL. For example, the stable link for the article shown below would be:



See Stable Links Tips & Tricks for troubleshooting suggestions if your stable link does not work as expected.