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Stable Links for Electronic Resources

How to create stable links for online journals, e-books, and streaming media

EZProxy: Create Stable Links for Off-Campus Access

Licensing agreements for online library resources require use of the EZProxy string in order for a link to be stable and usable from off-campus. This EZProxy string directs users to log in with their MSU NetID for access and allows publishers to recognize authorized MSU users. 

Some library databases will include our EZProxy information in their stable links; others do not. Before copying a link from a library database, check to see if the EZProxy string is included in the URL. If it is, you can use this URL as your stable link. 

Otherwise, add the EZProxy string the front of the URL to format stable links to online journal articles, e-book chapters, streaming media, or resources from library databases so that they comply with copyright and licensing agreements, and work consistently for off-campus access. 

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