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Stable Links for Electronic Resources

How to create stable links for online journals, e-books, and streaming media

Licensing Restrictions: Stable Links Don't Provide Full-Text or Cannot Be Shared in Course Content

To comply with copyright and meet licensing agreements, you must use the appropriate stable link to share article-level content from e-journals or databases. Do not upload the PDF of a journal article into D2L or other course-related materials. 

However, some e-journal publishers do not allow full-text access to articles using stable links, or sharing a stable link in a learning management system (i.e., D2L) or via other course-related materials may be prohibited. If you encounter an e-journal platform that does not allow use of stable links for integrating into your course content, you will need to access the article using the library's online catalog

For example, you may see similar messages when attempting to use a stable link that doesn't allow full-text access or sharing in course content (see images below):


Providing "Stable Links" when Stable Links Don't Allow Access

  1. If a stable link to an e-journal article does not allow full-text access or is prohibited from sharing in your course, you will need to use the library's online catalog to create an appropriate link. 
  2. Search for the e-journal by title in the library's online catalog (see image below):
  3. Copy and paste the Permanent record link for the catalog record (located at the bottom of the screen). The URL will include . Use this URL as your stable link to share access to the e-journal in D2L or other course resources. 
  4. Let students know that the article can be accessed by clicking on any of the "Full text available from..." links (with the appropriate dates of coverage) provided in the catalog record (see image below). 

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