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Michigan State University

Stable Links for Electronic Resources

This is a how-to guide for creating permanent, stable links to MSU-owned full-text articles from online journals, e-books, and streaming video or other media.

How to Add Stable Links to Your D2L Course

To integrate online journal articles, e-book chapters, e-books, or streaming video into your D2L course:

  1. Click the blue Upload/Create button and select the Create a Link option
  2. Copy your stable link and paste it into the URL box.You will also need to give your New Link a title.
  3. Click the blue Create button.
  4. You can also use the Create a File option from the list above (instead of Create a Link) and copy/paste multiple stable links into a single HTML page if you would like to list multiple links together.
  5. It is recommended you test access to the URL via D2L after adding it to make sure it works as expected.
  6. Stable Links also satisfy the D2L best practice of not uploading large files directly onto the D2L server.