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Michigan State University

Stable Links for Electronic Resources

This is a how-to guide for creating permanent, stable links to MSU-owned full-text articles from online journals, e-books, and streaming video or other media.

Stable Links for E-Journal Articles found using the Library Website Search box

  1. From the MSU Libraries homepage, search for your article title in the white box labeled Books, articles, databases, and more.
    Website Search
  2. On the resulting page, look for your article in the Journal Articles column.  To see additional articles, click View All at the bottom of the column.  
    Journal Articles

    View All
  3. Locate the desired article in the list and click on the article title. 
    (Note: this search can produce results for which limited article information is available and not the full text.  If you see a prompt to request through Interlibrary Loan when trying to access the full text of the article, we do not subscribe to the full text, and you will not be able to create a stable link to this article.)
  4. Locate the Permalink option on the right hand side (in the Tools column at or near the bottom) and click this.  The Permalink should open across the top, above the article title.

Website Permalink

  1. Since this Permalink URL does NOT contain, this must be added to the front of the URL to create your stable link.  If this link did include, or, you would not need to modify it in order to use it.  Note that users will need to click on the appropriate full text option on the left hand side once clicking on the Permalink (in this case Gale View Full Text; other examples include LibKey Instant PDF or Full Text Finder) to open the full text of the article successfully.